Emergency Tree Services St. Charles & Saginaw, MI

Do You Need Immediate Tree and Branch Removal Work in St. Charles & Saginaw, MI?

Schedule emergency tree service at any time

When a tree or limb falls onto your house, car or driveway, don't panic. Just call Thurston Logging and Tree Service for an emergency tree service in the St. Charles and Saginaw, Michigan areas. Rough weather can be hard on trees, and on the whatever happens to be below them. That's why we offer storm cleanup services 24/7. We'll arrive at your home as quickly as possible, day or night, to help you remove branches and fallen trees.

If you need an emergency tree service in the St. Charles & Saginaw, Michigan areas, call 989-341-0868 now.

We'll take care of the cleanup

Snow, ice and thunderstorms often leave behind debris, including branches and trees. Fallen limbs and trees can:

  • Block your driveway
  • Clutter your yard
  • Damage your home or vehicle

We'll help you remove fallen trees and limbs from your yard and driveway as quickly as possible. Call Thurston Logging and Tree Service right away for prompt storm cleanup services.